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Foot Massage and Reflexology

Happiness Is

......A Good Foot Massage

You cannot deny that your bad mood can disappear once you have a great foot massage. In fact, experts say that a good foot massage can make you forget all your stress and feel revived after a hectic day. When it comes to getting intense foot massage you should not forget reflexology.

Professional Foot Massage For Ultimate Relaxation

Foot massage is considered as one of the most effective relaxing massage therapies. There are “reflex areas” on your feet as well as your hands. These areas have a deep energetic connection with specific organs of your body. The energy channels in your body set this connection.


The Specialist

TangThai is a qualified masseuse with a deep understanding of Foot massage and reflexology. She understands how various types of strokes on your foot can influence the pain and other health conditions all over your body. People from Paddington, Marylebone, Baker Street, Maida Vale, and Marble Arch come to her place to enjoy the most this effective massage therapy.

TangThai, being a specially trained massage therapist, is well-aware of these reflex areas and the energy channels in your body. She uses her hands to apply the required amount of pressure on those areas to remove the energy blockages and improve your overall health condition. This technique aims to eliminate pain and discomfort in specific body parts to keep you out of physical strain.

Get The Right Therapy

While reflexology is rather a more complicated therapy than the simple foot massage with a direct connection with physiology, it has multiple health benefits. On the other hand, a simple and relaxing foot massage can help you to feel rejuvenated after a long and tiring day. It makes you feel that all your stress and tiredness are evaporating from your body and you feel charged-up.

Have A Good Foot Massage – You Can Feel The Whole World At Your Feet

Experience That Can Help You

TangThai can help you to understand which one will be more appropriate for you. Is it a great foot massage that all your body needs right now? Or is it reflexology that you must try to get rid of various physical issues?

Meet her and discuss your situation with her. She can suggest you the right therapy as per the same.

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